CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT Local & Open Tournaments

I get a lot of requests from traveling players asking what registrations are like and what the payouts will be for a specific tournament. As most of you know, cornhole players are procrastinators, deciding THAT day if they will play or not, so registrations never works with the small/local tourneys that happen in the Coulee Region, so you never know what payouts will end up being.

Most of the tournaments around the Coulee Region are small local events, benefits, bars, with small turnouts/payouts. Good for local play, but not for those traveling more then an hour away. I personally feel bad when a team travels 60+ miles for a tournament and they only win $40-$60.

So going forward, when I post a tournament, I will be adding LOCAL or OPEN to each listing. LOCAL letting people know it's a smaller local tournament/payout (using last years info), OPEN letting teams know that there will be a bigger payout, with more divisions...keeping the social and competitive separate. This should help those traveling teams know if it's worth the drive or not.

The Double Edge Sword:
I am all about building up and growing all the tournaments I run (and don't run) in, and around, the Coulee Region, but I also find it important to make sure the travelers don't get upset for driving great distances for a little payout.

But its also about building this sport, and if you are a good traveling team coming to a small tournament, at the end of the day, you may win, but you'll also turn off all the local people from coming out to play again, and with that, it means little to no turnout for futures tournaments. Eventually we'll build these Local tournament to become Open tournaments…please, help us do this.

Local players: I will always offer Social and Competitive Divisions at any event that will allow me to do so, so please, whether you are a new to the sport, a social player or good player, come on out and play bags, IT'S ALL ABOUT HAVING FUN...and us baggers...