March 24, 2018 01:54 AM CST
Raster to Vector Logo Conversion and Logo Design Repair
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The Logo Doctor, is an amazing resource. He's helped me reconstruct bad logos, and created other art in Adobe Illustrator. I can't recommend him highly enough. Always reasonable in his pricing. Always on time and on top of the project. And he maintains a friendly, supportive attitude. He's a real find!
—Tara Framer

The Logo Doctor's repair service is always timely and top quality. The Logo Doctor has also become my source of new logo design for my clients. From initial concept to final refinement, The Logo Doctor designs and delivers with surgical precision.
—Scott Offord

Our sports team had a rough version of a logo that needed changes and to be put into vector format for the uniforms we were ordering. The Logo Doctor answered my email within minutes and had a clean, professional version of my logo within hours. He worked with me and the sports shop continuously for over a week with changes until we got the results we wanted. The quick, intuitive and professional results made the process easy and fun. The service we received was phenomenal. I highly recommend the Logo Doctor.
—Laura Kearney
AAU Cheetahs Basketball

You have been so awesome working with this logo! If at any time I can refer you to someone I definately will. Thanks so much!
—Amanda Gallant

The Logo Doctor does a great job of taking a rough idea and creating a piece of art. He is always pleasant to work with and always very timely. He is very good about adapting to changing ideas to make sure the end product is 'just right.'
—Chris Gunkle
Lee Karate Studio

WOW! Fantastic Job! Thank-you so much for all of your help! You are the best! They all look great! Great Job! Thanks again for all of your help. Thank-you for all of your patience and work on this! This will be a long-term business relationship we have here. I really do appreciate all of your hard work on this.
—Davide Laghi

The logo is PERFECT. Exactly what I was looking for. Looks awesome! Thanks for all your help. I appreciate you actually taking my suggestions into the design of the logo. It's gotta be cool seeing the logo you designed in real life...Again, we LOVE the logo. Came out SO COOL. Everyone loved it by the way.... Totally going to refer all over the place.
—Mike Pieretti

The logo looks great.
—Craig Maclean

Thank you for responding so quickly. My boss said that they look good. I really appreciate the help!
—Katie Kail

That's incredible, the file is amazing, thanks!
—Tim M. Ryan

Oh My God! The Hippie Moose logos are great. I can't wait to show the client. Seriously, its so hard to choose which i like the best...I guess the client will have an even harder time. Hey... I like working with you... I'm glad our time finally came!
—Scott Offord

I love it. I love how you have him just in between the W and D. Thanks and great work. Best money I ever spent...
—Derek Rogers

Thank you for your very prompt reply.....for the speedy work. Thank you very much for the beautifully revised logo. Would certainly be calling on you if I do need to do any logo repair.
—Penny Ong
Krystie Lingerie

Absolutely perfect, you do top-notch work!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Robert Neilson

You are amazing. Truly amazing. The best. ****we love the Logo Doctor!****
—Tara Framer

Thanx for responding so quickly. You are a magician! P E R F E C T !! Thank you very much....the logo looks GREAT now !!
—Elisabeth R-Neugebauer
Matroschka Store and More

They really love the logo! Thank you again for all of your help! You did a great job!
—Lisa P. Banowit

Wow, you sure have made an impression on me.Everything looks great, I am highly pleased. Perfect. Thank you for you efforts.
—Noel Fathers
Personal Project

Thanks for your expertise...You're fast! I will definitely be referring you to others...the customer service is the best I’ve ever encountered.
—Tee C. Royal

Again I really appreciate how professional and prompt you always are. I lucked out. Thanks.
—Laura Kearney
AAU Cheetahs Basketball

It looks really good. Perfect!
—Candace K.

It is perfect! Thank you so much! We'll be sure to mention you on our website when it is completed!
—Brennan Mosch
Project Haiti

Thank you so much for all your help and your quick response. We really appreciate it. We will definitely keep you in mind in the future for ad development. Thanks again!
—Ruthie Harrison

Wow! You're awesome! That was a really fast response, and everything looks great! Thank you for the fast turn-around time!! Great job!!
—Lisa P. Banowit

They look perfect! :-) We'll definitely think of you in the future. We do foresee more work of this type in the future and I definitely know we'll contact you for help with that!
—Kelly Kaiser

EXCELLENT! Thank you so much for your quick work.
—Scott Offord

These ROCK! - WE LOVE THEM ALL!!! YOU ROCK! Thanks for everything, they look great! You Da Man!
—Scott Neumeister
Neuie’s North Star

That’s great work, above and beyond the call of duty! It’s tough these days to find a company that actually understands customer service. I’ll be in touch with more as they come…saves me a bunch of time!
—Jim Forte

Awesome… thanks for your help and work. I’m happy to have this done.
—Denice Pearson
Identity Impressions

Yep…it’s a winner! Looks terrific, thanks. My Client loves it! Thanks, I love doing business w/ people who actually deliver what they promise when they promise it. Lots of folks don't, but you certainly have, which is why I hope to be able to do some regular business w/ you.
—Margaret Gentry

The Electric League logo is the hottest...looks perfect! Everyone is VERY appreciative of the quick turn around and the quality of the work. GREAT JOB!!! Thanks again. I’d like to send you any future logo projects!
—David J. Miller

I can only say one thing....You nailed it....They look great. You just made my day!
—Brad Hansen

Wow Mike, that was really fast...looks great. Thanks a lot for all your work.
—Helen Kim

We've used you in the past and had a really good experience and want to use you again. Thanks.
—Cori Zweibel

The logo looks great! Thank you very much for doing that for me.
—Ryan Band

Hey that some really great clean work...and its very fast too!
—Raj S. Macwan

Wow!...that really was fast!! It looks great! You did such a great job! Great job !! They love it! (Of course...your work is always great)
—Lisa P. Banowit

You have me hooked on The Logo Doctor! This is one of the best sites I have found in a while. Sorry to gush but there is so much crap out there that finding such a gem in the middle of it means a lot. Logo Doctor, you're a genius. These are beautiful! I will order another set from you today. Once again, you’re my hero... you’re the best!
—Lori J. Oxendine

Thank you so much for all your help and your quick response. We really appreciate it. We will definitely keep you in mind in the future for ad development. Thanks again!
—Dale and Jill Hecht
Raster to Vector Logo Conversion and Logo Design Repair
Raster to Vector Logo Conversion and Logo Design Repair
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