April 24, 2018 04:44 AM CST
Raster to Vector Logo Conversion and Logo Design Repair
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• Most files delivered within 48-72 hours or quicker

• Perfect vectorized files- even from low resolution web images

• Saves time for Sign Makers, Screen Printers, Embroiderers, Laser & Cutting, Printers, Publishing and Advertisers

• Your final repaired logo files will be provided to you in a complete array of formats
The Logo Doctor offers professional logo repair services to help bring new life to your logo design and ensure that it is the vital asset to your company that it should be. Your company logo should effectively resonate and reinforce the core values of your company. If it doesn't, you need to take action! An unprofessional, ill-prepared logo is an unhealthy logo, which can be TOXIC to your company's image, and to your bottom line. The Logo Doctor can help!

If you have an existing logo but find that it is not usable in its current format, The Logo Doctor will repair your logo and provide you with professionally rendered, fully formatted artwork in all the formats you'll need to effectively manage your logo, consistently and economically... without leaving your desk!

The Logo Doctor specializes in precision raster to vector conversion of scans, gifs, jpegs, tiff's and sketches into high quality scalable vector graphics. The resulting vector image will then serve as your source file from which every possible format of your logo can be created, regardless of size or medium. This raster to vector conversion process effectively resolves all issues of pixelation, distortion and poor resolution for the life of your logo. (More...)

You can perform a self-diagnosis and order our basic logo repair services online OR you can request a Custom Diagnosis...simply send us your logo...we'll thoroughly examine your ailing logo design and send you a customized diagnosis and treatment plan within 1 business day. If you approve of your custom treatment plan and quoted price, you'll have the opportunity to place your order at that time.

It's true, you get just one chance to make a first impression, and your logo is often the FIRST thing people see as a reflection of your company.

Unlike some web-based design/repair agencies, every logo that The Logo Doctor repairs is recreated by hand and not by a tracing program.

Make sure your logo is working FOR you, not AGAINST you!
Our services are offered on the basis of high quality design at realistic fees. Samples of our previous work along with pricing information can easily be found on this site. Our fees are fixed and agreed in advance, which allows our clients to budget exactly and avoids any confusion at a later stage.

Almost all of our designs are offered on an 'unlimited revisions' basis, ensuring our clients are never anything less than completely satisfied with the designs that they receive."
You have me hooked on The Logo Doctor! This is one of the best sites I have found in a while. Sorry to gush but there is so much crap out there that finding such a gem in the middle of it means a lot. You're a genius. They are beautiful! Once again, youíre my hero.
—Lori J. Oxendine
That’s great work, above and beyond the call of duty! It’s tough these days to find a company that actually understands customer service.
—Jim Forte
The JForte Company
The logo is the hottest....looks perfect! Everyone is VERY appreciative of the quick turn around and the quality of the work. GREAT JOB!!!
—David J. Miller
I can only say one thing....You nailed it....They look great. You just made my day!
—Brad Hansen
Thank you for making me look good. This is the feeling Iíve been looking for when working with a graphics/art/design person. I can sell with comfort and confidence knowing I can back my words up with quality results.
—Brad Hansen,
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Raster to Vector Logo Conversion and Logo Design Repair
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