Cornhole Boards

There are many board builders out there, but what makes Amish Electric boards the best, is the consistency in the design. My name is on every board made, so I take great pride in what is created. The ultimate goal is creating what the world championships are played on. This end design is the result of research into "PRO" boards and what makes them different from regular boards. Our boards are made with a protective finish for professional tournament play, along with added features to make them camping and backyard play ready as well. They will hold up to kids playing on them, along with the occasional beverage spill. You will not find a finer custom cornhole board around!!!


Official ACA/ACO/CPA:
  • Sanctioned 2' x 4' Boards
  • Canvas 6" x 6" Cornhole Bags
  • Pro Canvas/Suede 6" x 6" Bags
  • Canvas 6" x 6" Resin Bags
  • Scoring Towers
  • Drink Holders
  • Hole Lights