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Who knows the "real" history of Cornhole? Let's settle it here. Ok maybe not. The problem is that there are many different versions of the history of Cornhole. Most of the story tellers of course, all believe they have the real story. I guess the actual history will probably remain a mystery. I've laid out the versions that I have come across in my research, and I'll let you be the judge. If you have your own version, please share it below. We would love to hear any other stories that are out there.

Cincinnati is the true origin of the game. At least that is what you will hear if your at a party in Porkapolis (a nick name for Cincinnati). It may or may not be where the game really started, but there aren't many that will argue its popularity around town. It is estimated about 1999 that the game really started catching on. It all started on the west side of town. The story goes; from there it has been working its way across the Midwest.

Foothills of Kentucky
Pioneers could have played a version of the game in the foothills of Kentucky. This would fit with the Midwestern popularity as well. There are some that believe that this is where it all started.

Midwestern Farmer
This story gives credit to a Midwestern farmer named Jebediah Magillicutty. It is said that Mr. Magillicutty started the game back in the 1800's.

German Farmer
Did a German farmer bring the game to this country? There are a number of stories that confirm this version. This falls in line with the Cincinnati story which may give it some additional credibility. Cincinnati is known for its strong German roots. It is very likely that Germany could have been the actual origin, with Cincinnati still taking credit for starting the spread throughout the U.S.

Ancient Civilization
The tribes of ancient civilizations tossed rocks at holes in the ground. This is yet another version of the ancient beginnings of the game. This very well could have be the first time something similar to Cornhole was played. This one however, seems to be a pretty far stretch from the game as we know it today.

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