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How To Throw A Cornhole Every Time

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There are a number things that you must do if you want to throw a Cornhole every time. Read on, if you are interested in what they are. With the right throw and some consistency the odds of throwing a Cornhole are in your favor. Throwing a Cornhole is a lot less of a science than it is an art. There is no question that the perfect arc and the perfect slide will make you a Cornhole every time. The trouble is in actually throwing your bags with that perfect arc and slide every time. Here are some tips that will help you on your quest.

The Arc
One of the most important parts of the toss is having the right arc. If you have too much the bag won't move once it hits the board. Too much arc also adds air time which leaves more room for error. If the bag starts off course by just a little, the longer it has in the air, the further off course it becomes. This sticking power might be helpful for the one pointer's, but might make a Cornhole a little more difficult as you'll see below. Too little arc and your Cornhole bags might just slide off the back of the board. The perfect arc lets your bags slide on the board without getting too far out of control.

The Slide
If you use the boards slide to your advantage, you will make more Cornholes. Don't be afraid of the bag sliding if you want to make a Cornhole. It simply gives you a bigger target. If you play on different boards, you will have to adjust to all sorts of playing services. Some boards are really slick, and on some boards the bags just stick no matter how flat your arc. You will have to adjust your arc to accommodate.

To add a little science, think of this. Do you think your odds are all that great that you will throw your bag right through that 6in hole? Do you think you might up your odds by aiming for somewhere up the middle of the board and sliding your bag till it drops in the hole? Sliding your Cornhole bags is the key to making more Cornholes. You really have about 3ft of error room by sliding. If your bag hits 6in or 2ft before the hole it doesn't matter. Either way you still have a chance to make the Cornhole if you are using the slide to your advantage. The only thing you have to do is keep it straight.

Perfect Cornhole Throw

Keeping the right form keeps your bags straight. It also helps you keep that consistent arc. Once you discover which form achieves the right arc, slide and keep your bags straight, practice makes perfect. Just wash, rinse and repeat. Take a look at these 6 Cornhole Throws You Have To Try to find your perfect throw. No matter which toss you use, consistency is the key. Once you master the form that works best for you, you're on your road to a Cornhole every time. Well, maybe not every time, but most of the time might be a goal worth shooting for.

6 Cornhole Throws You Have to Try

If you haven't really settled on the perfect throw yet, this list is for you. Even if you have, it can't hurt to give the rest of these a try. Everyone is going to find one that works best for them. But if you don't try them all for a throw or two, you might be missing out on your perfect fit. They all have their unique advantages. Some are affected more or less by wind. Some of the folds are dependent on the bags being made with the right amount of fill. In the end, it's just going to come down to what feels right. Take a look and give them a try.

The Basic Fold
This seems to be the most popular throw among Cornhole enthusiasts in our neck of the woods. Basically you flatten the bag and fill out. Then you just fold the bag right in half with an even amount of fill in each half.

The Double Fold
With this fold, you hold the bag by one corner. Next you fold the corner without any fill over the corner holding all of the fill. Then you fold the bag in half with the other two corners.

The Pancake
With this throw the bag is flattened completely. It can then be thrown under hand while resting flat on your hand. The most popular way to throw the pancake is by spinning it like a Frisbee towards the hole while keeping it as flat as possible.

The Sling
To throw the Sling, you hold the bag by one corner with you index finger and thumb. You then sling (as the name suggests) the bag to the hole giving the bag backspin.

The Fling
This throw is similar to The Sling. However, you hold this bag by one edge rather than a corner. You then pitch the bag underhand giving the bag backspin.

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